Top Thirteen Original Expository Essay Topics To Discover

Essays are quite useful devices for both entertainment, academic, work related situations and they come in many variations. The expository essay is aimed at providing information regarding a particular situation, object or incident and usually involves the use of many adjectives and descriptive wording. If one chooses the right topic, they can make writing an essay much easier than the author that chooses his topic poorly. Here are thirteen original essay expository topics that should be both easy to write on and interesting to both the reader and author:

  1. Alcohol consumption can occur at an earlier age than the legal limit since the age limit doesn’t stop it from happening anyways and most of these individuals grow up just fine.

  2. Marijuana is illegal in many countries around the world only because the tobacco and alcohol industries do want the competition.

  3. Homosexuality is not a disease that can be cured and people who think that should be cured of whatever disease they are afflicted with.

  4. Religious beliefs affect our society more than most people are aware of.

  5. Describe a location that really exists but you have never been there based on what you imagine it would be like to stand there with the ability to move freely.

  6. Explain how different types of atmospheric electrical discharge can be amazing and dangerous at the same time, giving references to famous natural occurrences of this phenomena.

  7. How are the addicts of heroin different from those of morphine and show how the medical industry played a role in this epidemic.

  8. Technological machines will one day rule the world, how will humanity adapt to remain relevant in a world that will no longer need them to function?

  9. Hand held smart devices have greatly change our lives in many ways, what is the most significant change brought on by these devices?

  10. Life in India is much different from life in the west, what do you imagine a day in the life of an average Indian citizen to be like?
  11. Did humanity benefit at all from our ventures into space and our journey to the moon?

  12. Describe your school and how it impacts your educational experience. Be sure to focus on the people there as well and the physical features of the establishment.

  13. The truth behind the act of making it through college using a student loan and how it affects your life afterwards.

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