Fun Essay Topics For College Students: 25 Great Suggestions

In case you are looking forward to be admitted in college, you will be required to write the personal statement in the college application. When writing the best personal statement, you may be given some prompts that will make it easier for you to write so that you are able to create the best personal statement. In case there isn’t a prompt that has been offered, here is a list of 25 topics that are a great choice.

  1. Consider a situation where you were unable to fulfill your goals. Are there any lessons that you learnt from the situations?

  2. Is there a situation where you had two options; to play safe and take risk? What option did you choose? If you found yourself in the same situation, would you make the same decision again?

  3. Is there a poem, movie, novel or musical composition that has influenced you and your view of the world? If yes, describe why?

  4. Is there an experience in your life that changed your whole outlook towards life?

  5. Why did you join college?

  6. What are your plans after you have graduated from college?

  7. As for now, what are your long-term goals?

  8. In case you had the opportunity to change something in your life, what would that be and why?

  9. Assume that there is only one admission spot that is remaining. Why do you think you are the most suitable person to fill that spot and not another student?

  10. What are the most special or unique skills that makes you different from other people?

  11. Are there some tasks that you accomplished in the past 2 years outside your academic studies?

  12. In case you had an opportunity to speak with a historical figure, who would the person be and why? What would you discuss with them?

  13. In case you had an opportunity to become an animal, which animal would you select and why?

  14. If you were given the opportunity to change something in your life, what would that be and why?

  15. What is the best advice that you have ever received and why?

  16. What is the best social/political movement in the 20th century and why?

  17. What advice can you offer a student who is joining high school?

  18. Create a question that isn’t in this college admission form and discuss it fully

  19. Find a quotation describing the kind of person you are?

  20. What impact has your neighborhood had on you?

  21. Write a short biography about yourself

  22. Which invention do you think has had the most negative effect and why?

  23. If you were able to read people’s mind, would you make use of this ability?

  24. Give a story that offer a direct or indirect illustration of the kind of person you are

  25. What was the most embarrassing situation in your life and what lessons did you learn.

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