Writing An Excellent Poetry Critical Analysis Essay

Poetry is a compact form of art in which the author explains lengthy and complex situations and feelings in one stanza. The good and difficult part about this form of art is that one poem can have multiple meanings according to the perception of the reader. It is therefore critical that when writing a critical analysis essay, you analyze the rhythms, words, images, sounds, meaning and implied meaning to get the right perspective. You have to put yourself in the place of the writer and think from their point of view. This would demand background research and knowledge because you have to organize the words and composition in to a logical explanation. The best solution to deal with such a situation is the process of eliciting when writing your essay

Below are some important questions you should ask yourself when writing a critical analysis essay about poetry. You have to understand the context in which the poem was written to get the basic form of the writing. It is also important to consider the following questions and find their answers in order to analyze poetry

Who was the author of the poem? Is there any significant event or affiliation in the poet’s life that influences his work like politics, feminism, sect, race and career interest etc? You need to know this because it can affect the approach towards work

Which country did the poet reside in and when it was written? The location will help you understand the culture, era, and significant things about the surroundings of the writer

Are you seeing the work in its original form or is it translated from a different language? Translation from one language to other can alter the meanings

What is the category of the poem of the known categories? This helps you evaluate easily when you classify your work under concern into the right genre. This depends upon the length and the style of the poem

  • A poem can fall into one of the following categories

  • An epic is a long poem about a national hero or a legendary person

  • A lyric is a musical verse short in length

  • A narrative is simply the type of poem that tells a story

  • A haiku, three line or intense and versus depending upon syllables

  • A confessional poem is the one that explains and observes personal memories and experience

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