Inventing Funny Process Analysis Essay Topics: Great Suggestions

Inventing a funny process analysis essay is a research paper designed to tell someone how to do something. Therefore, these essays lend themselves very well to funny topics. Choosing a humorous topic helps to create an interesting paper that just says read me! If you are stuck for an idea on what to write your process analysis research on, even if you plan on having a freelance writer write it, consider these funny topics as great suggestions.

A Recipe

While any recipe is a great topic for this type of essay, a funny recipe is even better than a real one in most cases. Therefore, you can choose from a variety of recipes including:

  • Recipes for food, not even your dog will eat

  • Recipes for growing old

  • Recipes for a successful marriage

  • Recipes for creating your favorite funny movie hero

How to Deal with a Horrible Roommate

While it is best to avoid horrible roommates, they make great fodder for process analysis dissertations. Start by telling why the roommate is so horrible, and what steps need to be taken to correct the problem.

The Human Digestive Process

It is possible to write a serious process analysis thesis on the human digestive process, but add some spark to your paper by using graphic words to your homework. You can even employ onomatopoeia words increase the likelihood that your teacher will scream “Read me!”

How to Toilet Paper a House

Numerous pranks make outstanding content for your homework. For instance, you can tell how to toilet paper a house. Words of caution, however, do not try first-hand research and then tell the police that you were working on your term paper as they probably will not believe you.

How Something Came Into Being

Total frustration is often a source of inspiration when inventing something new. For instance, Josephine Cochrane was so tired of her servants chipping her expensive china that she invented the first dishwasher. Telling about her frustration, or the frustration of another inventor, in a comical way and explaining the steps that they took to create something makes a great humorous research topic.

There are numerous ways to write a process analysis paper. Unless you plan to have, a freelance writer create your paper, follow these suggestions. Start your research paper with a funny topic. Add a great thesis statement to it. Then, use humorous words to move your paper forward. Soon, you will find that you have created a funny research paper that will scream: Read me!

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