Writing A Good Thesis Statement For A 3-Paragraph Essay

A thesis statement, which is the main argument of the writer, can determine acceptance or rejection of an essay. It can also determine the score on the essay. Here are some of the things to focus on when writing a thesis statement for a 3-paragraph essay.

  • Be precise to the point: A thesis statement will not be several sentences long. You have only one sentence to present the issues in question. Listing the issues to focus on before writing the statement can help avoid repetitions in the sentence.

  • Make it interesting: Success in academic writing is not about merely completing an assignment. It is about making your work likeable to readers, one of them being your teacher/lecturer. How likeable the thesis statement is will influence the engagement of the reader. It may also influence the score. An interesting main statement for a 3-paragraph essay will focus on those issues many people are talking about, weighty issues that affect the society in general, or even controversial issues in the public domain.

  • Just be perfect: Perfecting the work involves a number of issues, from making sure that there are no grammatical errors to ensuring that the sentence is not run-on. Make the sentence as clear as possible in regard to issues raised. Being one of the first statements in the introduction, this particular statement needs to present readers with a clear issue on which they expect answers or more information about. Clarity on these statements makes readers to identify you as a competitive writer. Ambiguous statements leave the knowledgeable readers to identify your weaknesses before even beginning to read the 3-paragraph essay. Ambiguity will also mix up readers that have not much knowledge on the topic. This reduces the impact of your write up. It is advisable to revise this statement before you start writing the rest of the essay. Re-reading the statement can help you capture the issues in detail, which improves chances of writing a good paper. You can first draft a statement and then revise it over and over again to perfection.  

  • Seek assistance: You can request a friend to go through the main statement and advice on what to correct. In addition to requesting help from friends and colleagues, professional writers can provide guidance on how to draft a good thesis statement. They can provide example essays on which you can rely to learn how to draft a main statement from scratch. Students can also compare main statements from many samples and sources and learn more. Lecturers/teachers can also provide guidance on what to avoid when writing these statements, in addition to providing general guidelines.   

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