Top 16 Argumentative Essay Topics For Year 8

Teachers often assign 8th-grade students to write argumentative essays. These papers are needed to teach students to raise good arguments in support of their opinions. This task can be difficult for some students as not everybody is able to come up with good ideas without help. For this reason, this article contains a list of decent topics on the great variety of subjects that you may use to write your paper.

  1. The reason that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.
  2. Take your position on this question and present evidence that supports your view.

  3. The life on other planets.
  4. Write in your argumentative essay what you think about the existence of life somewhere besides our planet and support your position with good arguments.

  5. Changing of the climate.
  6. Do you think that humanity is responsible for global warming? If you think so, then what should we do not to worsen the situation?

  7. Children and fashion.
  8. This topic allows you to give your opinion on whether children should be able to wear whatever they want or this should be limited by their parents.

  9. Euthanasia.
  10. Do you think that this is really a mercy-killing or that everybody should die naturally? Present decent arguments in your work.

  11. Ethical issues related to eating meat.
  12. Raise your arguments for or against the idea that it’s unethical to consume meat.

  13. Teenagers and smoking.
  14. Discuss in your argumentative essay whether smoking among teenagers is still an issue and what can be done about this.

  15. Home or office?
  16. Write in your paper where you’d like to work after your graduation: at home or at the office.

  17. Free college education.
  18. Take your position for or against the idea that students should study at colleges for free.

  19. Public or private high school?
  20. This topic allows you to state what type of high school you’d like to attend in the future.

  21. Gender and grading.
  22. Discuss whether girls really get better grades than boys or this is a stereotype.

  23. Kindness and coolness.
  24. Write in your argumentative essay whether there is a way to make kindness look cool.

  25. Religion and goodness.
  26. Do you think that it’s necessary to believe in God to be a good person?

  27. Components of success.
  28. Discuss whether it’s talent or hardworking that guarantees the success.

  29. Becoming adults.
  30. Do you think that everybody becomes adults at the same age or this is an individual process?

  31. New generation and old generation.
  32. Raise your arguments for or against the statement that the older generation has many things to learn from the younger generation.

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