List Of 15 Essay Topics About The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Before you start writing an essay, you need to find a god topic for it. Without a good topic, you will not be able even to start working on your project, no matter what the subject of researching is.

How to Create an Interesting Topic

If you need to come up with an interesting topic on your own, give attention to source literature. Looking through the research that is dedicated to The Picture of Dorian Gray, you can find enough inspiration to develop a nice idea that will help you compose a great paper.

Besides that, you should feel free to look through projects of other students. They can give you a useful idea and also show which topics should not be chosen. The point is that some topics are overly used and explored through and through. Your own research is also evaluated as something new and interesting in a certain sphere. If you offer something that has already been explored by hundreds of researchers, the work will hardly be novel and useful.

Finally, you can turn to the Internet. This resource can help you out just like many others that have to do with academic writing assistance. Below, you can also find several suggestions that may sound interesting to you.

  1. The book as a quintessence of aestheticism.

  2. The book as a symbolic novel.

  3. The theme of beauty in the book.

  4. Oscar Wilde’s aesthetic principles and his novel.

  5. The novel as an example of a paradoxical plot.

  6. Philosophic and aesthetic problems.

  7. The conflict of beauty and morality.

  8. The search and discovery of spirituality.

  9. The tragic depth of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

  10. An artist as a creator of the beauty.

  11. Would you like to have a portrait of yourself that would age instead of you?

  12. The importance of the novel for Oscar Wilde’s entire writing career.

  13. The role of fantastic opportunities in The Picture of Dorian Gray.

  14. Beauty opposed to morality.

  15. Lord Henry’s role in the establishment of Dorian Gray’s personality.

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