A Tried And Tested Technique To Write An Essay About Abortion

Abortion is an aberration that is much talked about; and often without taking the sentiments of connected women into note. It is a personal decision which often has to pass through various judgmental checks.

The balancing act

While writing an essay on abortion, you can follow the tried and tested strategy of pitting the pros and cons of the act. You need to start with a definition of abortion and its related consequences. You need to understand that this is a delicate topic and has to be handled sensitively.

  • Now, on the bright side; abortion allows the woman peace of mind as she is finally rid of the pain of delivery for which either she or the society is not ready. It also gives her the strength of having ridden her conviction. In any case, abortion should be a mutual decision of the husband and wife if the embryo is not out of wedlock.

  • Abortion within the first 4 months is perfectly legitimate and amore a case of personal decision. The society should not hold its judgment on the issue. It is also not correct to lay down a character assessment of the woman based on the act.

  • Abortion is a logical inference of the woman is not mature enough to deliver or is undergoing trauma. It is also logical if the impregnation is not natural and against the wishes of the woman.

  • On the darker side, abortion should be criticized if it becomes a habit. There are a few women who decide to abort in order to maintain their figure. The idea is preposterous and gross.

  • Again, abortion should not be allowed after 4 months after which the life of the would-be-bearer may be put at stake. Sometimes, the decision is taken on a whim without realizing the repercussion.

  • Aborting a child just because the woman wants a boy or a girl and might have checked the sex of the child is another loathsome example. It should be serially condemned. It is situations like these when the society should work out with an iron hand.

  • Abortion should also not be allowed if the husband is being forceful in culminating the child. This is generally the case with love children as well.

You should write the essay keeping these and more points in mind so you can sketch abortion in its correct figment. Remember to be sensitive and all is well.

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