Good Informative Essay Topics: 15 Examples For High School

Well if you want to write about an informative essay, it’s going to be a fairly easy job. If you remember what your teacher said, an informative essay is exactly what is sounds like. You educate the reader on a certain topic. This is something very easy especially for a high school student, but it can pose a problem for the end result if you don’t pick the topic right. The whole work will evolve around this main idea, this topic that will define your paper. So make sure you put some thought into this and you choose the topic very carefully.

  1. Informative essay on John F Kennedy. Well this was one of the most iconic presidents with a very controversial death, that most people haven’t heard about, and they have no clue of what really happened.

  2. Informative essay on Adolf Hitler. Well everybody heard of this, but do most people know exactly what happened? How the Zionists put him in power, and what really happened at his death? There are many facts to present.

  3. Domestic violence. Something that most people go through at home.

  4. Computer viruses. Everybody knows a little bit about this, but most people don’t what they are how they work or how could they affect their PC.

  5. Tattoos. A big trend these days, but most people don’t know the risks of these things. So make sure you present and let people know all the facts before they decide.

  6. Holocaust. Something that has left an ugly mark on history, and people should definitely understand it so that history doesn’t repeat itself. This topic could turn your informative essay into a very appreciated piece.

  7. Smoking. Something “cool” and degrading to do, if you are uninformed.

  8. Stress. This happens to everyone at some point, so why not explain it better?

  9. Brainwashing by the media. Well it’s happening today, and most people are unaware.

  10. Radiation. It’s affecting everybody from all over the world, and the causes might be closer to you than you think.

  11. Psychology. A fascinating domain, with tons of material to work on and write about.

  12. Obesity. A problem most people face at some point in their lives if they are unlucky or just uninformed, and it can become a serious health problem.

  13. Nutrition. This is something to combine with obesity or take it as it is.

  14. Love. Well this is going to be the one of all.

  15. Drinking alcohol at a young age. What are the dangers?

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