How To Come Up With Controversial Research Paper Topics On Starvation?

A good topic is a core of a deep and smart research paper. If you have an interesting topic that you like, you will surely compose a great project and attract the attention of readers. There are many demands to successful and powerful academic paper topics but one detail is more important than the others. The most powerful topics are controversial and debatable.

Searching for Research Paper Topic Ideas

If you’re told to find a topic for your paper yourself, it may puzzle you quite easily. Such a complicated subject as starvation opens numerous opportunities, but which of them are worth your attention? How should you act to invent an interesting topic? Is the one you like necessarily the one your audience will like, too?

  1. Look through reference sources.
  2. Having a general subject – starvation – you can start searching for interesting reference materials. You can start searching from the Internet because it’s easier and less time-consuming than going to a library and trying to find something from the scratch. Reference literature or media can help you narrow down the number of potential topics to the ones you really like and consider to be interesting.

  3. Look through online databases.
  4. As soon as these storages can contain numerous samples of academic papers dedicated to starvation as a subject, you can detect the topics that are the most popular or even too heavily used. These ideas should be turned down at once because a really brilliant project stands out against all the others. At the same time, looking through databases and the samples they contain can help you get some inspiration and create an interesting topic for your work.

Coming Up with a Controversial Research Topic

If you want a really controversial topic, study carefully all the opinions on the starvation. Knowing them will help you come up with an idea that will set all minds on fire. You can be quite radical and create a topic that will sound shockingly controversial, like “The benefits of starvation for the humanity”. It will definitely catch the attention of your readers but in such a situation, you need to be absolutely sure about the reliability of your reference support. If you don’t mean to shock anybody, choose a milder topic like “Starvation in the world can be fought by eating less”, or something of the kind.

The only thing you need to keep in mind all the time is that if you choose a controversial topic, you need a very strong point of view and very reliable reference materials to support it.

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