How to Create a Literary Analysis Essay on Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies by Golding is often taught in junior high. This coming of age novel is a classic and has much potential for analysis. Remember you can analyze the entire novel or pieces of the novel. As you get ready to create your literary analysis essay on The Lord of the Flies, use our tips for help.

Tips for Your Literary Analysis Essay on Lord of the Flies

  • Read the novel-you must read the coming of age novel before you can do anything or create your composition. It is not hard to read and is quite the thriller. Read the novel before you begin to pre-write. Your teacher will be able to tell if you have not read the classic Lord of the Flies.

  • Conflict-you can pick any of the characters or the two opposing teams and discuss and analyze the conflict. You could even mention that the novel starts with conflict when a military plane mistakenly shoots down the plane of the boys from the school.

  • Characters-the analyzing of characters could also focus on isolation and the desire to fit in. The way the boys follow their leaders leads up to the pack-mentality, which, brings about the climax and resolution. This would make for a great composition if you talked about Jack or Simon, for example.

  • Setting-the safety of school is threatened and so the boys are moved, but the plane goes down, and the boys are now in a more hostile environment. Explore the island, mountains, jungle, and ocean for a great paper. The setting in this book moves the plot line, so it would create a great literary analysis essay.

  • Symbols-the book is filled with symbols. The monster in the woods would be a good one to use as your subject for your literary analysis essay. You could also focus on the ocean, Castle Rock, or Piggy’s glasses as your subject. Pick one that provides you with enough information for the paper.

  • Theme-look at one of the themes presented in the novel and then explore it carefully, so you can create your literary analysis essay on Lord of the Flies.

  • Experts-which ever topic you select, it is imperative that you read what the experts say in their writings. You will want to use the experts’ quotes in your paper. You must use them for validity and support.

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