Unique Essay Topics On Environmental Science: 10 Good Examples

Environmental science is an extremely broad topic and you can write limitless essays on this subject. The hardest thing about completing an essay on this topic is to find a good topic to write about. You must find something that is not too broad that you won’t be able to cover completely. Here are 10 good examples of essay topics on environmental science:

  1. Is the current generation more wasteful than our ancestors?

  2. Is solar energy really the answer to our energy crisis?

  3. How much garbage do we produce each year?

  4. Are ocean dead zones increasing and how can we stop them?

  5. How is the Valdez Oil Spill of 25 years ago still affecting our environment?

  6. Have we learned anything from the London Smog of 1952?

  7. Can Hurricane Katrina be linked to global warming?

  8. What are the effects 20 years later of the Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown?

  9. Is fracking dangerous for the surrounding ground water?

  10. The slaughterhouse – Is making more money really worth it?

If you use any of these topics you will be able to write a great essay. You still need to follow the same procedure in writing great essays like the one that follows:

  • Once you have your topic sentence, you need to make sure you do effective and thorough research. This is very important because you need as much information as possible to get the full story. Take notes using index cards so you can keep everything organized. Read from at least three different sources so you get a complete picture of the topic. If you can’t find enough information to write a thorough essay, try another topic.

  • Create an outline that will act as a road map for writing your essay. This outline will make sure you don’t forget anything important. Write your introduction that includes your topic sentence and tries to say something that will make your audience want to read the rest of the essay. The body should include all of the points you want to cover to explain or verify your topic sentence. Use at least three points of interest. Write your conclusion as well and leave your reader with something to think about.

  • Create your rough draft that includes everything in your outline and in the order your outline was written. Make sure someone reads it and gives you feedback.

  • Create your final draft and be proud of what you have written.

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