How To Proofread A Custom Essay: Tips & Tricks

Proofreading is something many students overlook. After all, once an essay is written, who wants to read it again? Usually you are sick of writing the essay and the last thing you want to do is read it again. This is a step you really should not overlook. Even though you think you have checked it over and you may have put it through the spell check on your document writer; there are really a few tips and tricks you should do before you hand in your custom essay.

  • Make sure you give yourself time to do this. It isn’t just rereading the essay. You need to take your time and dissect the essay to catch certain things such as missing words or misused words.

  • Read your essay out loud. This way you can see if it flows correctly and also be able to identify missing words, etc.

  • Have someone else read it out loud to you. This may make it easier to identify problems because it is new to another reader. You will definitely be able to see if the essay flows and if the sentences are put together well enough. Focus on the areas that the reader is having difficulty with because this is a likely place for a mistake. The reader can also take the initiative to circle areas they think may be wrong so you can check them when he is through. Make sure you thank the reader as well!

  • Take a break! You don’t often here that in the education world, do you? If you take a break and then go back to your essay, you won’t tend to just read what you think is there. You will actually read what is really there and catch some mistakes.

  • Check for things you know you have had problems with in the past such as:

    1. Run-on sentences

    2. Sentence fragments

    3. Commas in the wrong place

    4. Wrong use of apostrophe

  • Check for words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Make sure you are using the correct word. Some common mistakes are words like their, they’re and there.

If you purchase the essay from a writing service, proofreading is a mandatory step so you are confident you are handing in an essay you can be proud of. If you wrote the essay yourself, this is an important step because you know you aren’t perfect but you don’t want anyone else to know!

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