A List Of Thought-Provoking Constitutional Law Essay Questions

Writing constitutional law essays is a real daunting task as it requires immense knowledge on the subject. Such essay questions need to be strong and influential to make a deep impact.

Check out some highly interesting, legitimate and thought provoking constitutional law questions-

  1. In the history of United States of America, what is the contribution of Anti-federalist? Discuss the topic in context of bill of Rights, Federal Power to Tax question, abolition of slave trade, standing U.S army etc.

  2. What is the role of Anti Federalist movement right from the phase of revolution to reconstruction? Discuss the case in context of New York in terms of ratification of its constitution.

  3. Write a critical analysis on laws reformed and the development taken place on the issues of crime rapes.

  4. Discuss the various Government proposals on the laws of provocation? Critically discuss them and suggest amendments based on your opinions.

  5. Discuss various problems faced by the government while identifying the gravity and extent of crime and the way it gets distributed across various sections of the society.

  6. Do you think that whatever journalists and media express as a part of free speech is in public interest? Should the concerned people be provided special protection? Discuss the topic in context of principle of freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

  7. How correct it is to say that the hard cases are responsible for making brutal laws? On the other hand can good laws throw the hard cases out?

  8. Throw light on the positive or negative feature of UK’s constitution. It is said that UK’s constitution is simply non- existent and is unwritten. According to you- what do you think- whether or not, the United Kingdom has a constitution? Discuss the topic based on substance based approaches? Discuss the benefits and limitations of codified constitution of the UK?

  9. Discuss European Court of Human Rights. Why Article 3 of the European Convention of human Rights was critically analyzed?

  10. Article 3 of ECHR states- “No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. Critically evaluate the European’s Court’s approach.

  11. Why Commercial law cannot be dealt in isolation?

  12. Throw light on conflict between Public safety and Civil Liberties. Is it justified or unacceptable to say that Human right is on the verge of diminishing under the act of anti-terrorism legislation?

  13. How facilitations of Commercial transaction is the chief objective of Commercial law?

  14. Discuss International Commercial Arbitration System.

  15. How requirements of commercial community can be met by Commercial laws.

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