Selecting A Good Topic For A Persuasive Essay With Ease

The selection of a topic is extremely important if you want to write persuasively. To make sure that your essay has the highest possible chance of impressing readers, bear the following in mind:

  • Make sure you believe in the topic well enough to write it
  • If you do not really believe what you are writing, you need to be a much better writer to convince the reader of what you are saying. Rather than subject yourself to that you can consider sticking to arguments and sides that have real meaning to you.

  • Search for relevant evidence
  • If you only write about something because you believe in it, your work will come across as hollow or poorly thought out to people who have different opinions. Since there is no guarantee that every reader will think the way that you do, it helps to keep your information factual.

  • Be interesting
  • People find it easier to believe something if you can hold their attention long enough for them to consider your points. This is why an interesting theme can help you. It means that you can show them something that is outside of their scope of understanding and even though they might not want to they will still consider it and perhaps even some around.

  • Be original
  • This is the hardest of all. There are many interesting ideas that have been used many times because others have wanted the same effect. Originality means you need to put in extra work to ensure that what you produce has never been done before.

With those ideas in mind, here are some of the topics you could consider:

  1. Can animals express love?

  2. Should prisons exist?

  3. Has the capitalist system adequately served its purposes?

  4. Should terminally ill patients be given the option to end their own lives?

  5. Is Unschooling the future of education?

  6. Should there be a legal drinking age?

  7. Are gendered bathrooms a thing of the past?

  8. Can a Trump presidency be successful?

  9. Are animal rights an extension of human rights?

  10. Should humans colonize the rest of our galaxy?

  11. Is art necessary in the modern school system?

  12. Can socialism and capitalism coexist within the same nation?

  13. Are human rights being respected in Guantanamo Bay?

  14. Will artificial intelligence do more harm or good?

  15. Should the idea of a presidency be abolished?

There are many ways that you can improve the selection process and this article should have helped you.

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