How To Write A Brilliant Christmas Definition Essay In A Few Simple Steps

It can be quite a tricky business writing a definition essay- especially if you don’t know what one is; and even if you do, it’s still a tricky business!

Luckily there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re getting it right and writing it well. Here are those steps that you’ll need to know.

Firstly: what is it?

This essay requires you to define, at length, the definition of a single word. In this instance, that word is Christmas. It can be conveyed in personal terms, but you must not overlook defining it in academic terms as well.

The more complex a word is, the better it is for defining over the course of an essay. Christmas is one such word, for its meaning can be disputable and mean different things to different people. So when you come to trying to define the word, take into account how different people of different backgrounds and viewpoints might attribute meaning to Christmas. e.g- for some, its meaning might be: holiday. Another’s might be: the birth of Christ.

Okay, now we can begin the steps:

Step One: explore the word.

You should explore the word down as many avenues as possible. What does the definition of Christmas conjure up? Santa Claus, fact and fiction, pagan festivals, childhood, home, family etc. Look at each aspect and see if Christmas can be defined in such terms.

Step Two: research.

Before you begin to write your essay, you will need to do some research.

Make sure that:

  • You read the dictionary definition of Christmas.

  • You research the origins and etymology of the word.

  • You look at the separate parts of the word that make it up: Christ and mas.

  • You can locate good source examples to illustrate your points.

Step Three: the content.

You should begin the essay by introducing the standard definition for Christmas before stating your own personal definition in the thesis statement.

In the main body of the paper, you should state different parts of the definition; separated into paragraphs.

In the conclusion, you should summarize with the key points.

You should plan what information you want to include and where you want to put it. Create a rough map for your paper before you begin.

Step Four: Write!

You should then write a first draft.

Step Five: Keep at it!

Then, you should revise and edit. Read through your essay again and again, adjusting anything accordingly along the way, and keep doing so until you’re completely satisfied with it!

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