A List Of 14 Intriguing Essay Topics On Pride And Prejudice

Students are often assigned to compose papers on different topics to check their ability to express their opinion about different subjects. It’s quite a frequent task to write about different pieces of literature. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, a famous English writer, is one of the books teachers often suggest as it covers different aspects of life. Therefore, students will always be able to find something they’d like to discuss.

A List of Interesting Essay Topics to Dwell on in Pride and Prejudice

Finding an interesting topic isn’t an easy task when you have plenty of options. That’s why there’s a list of topics classified by different categories to facilitate your choice:

  1. The influence of culture on the novel. Culture, classes and social rules of the 19th century definitely found their reflection in Pride and Prejudice. These questions may include such topics:
    • Etiquette rules for “coming out” and addressing people of different classes and marital statuses in the 19th century based on the novel.
    • The way proposals were made based on the three offers of marriage to Elizabeth and the consequences of her refusal for her family.
    • Different views of marriage in the novel.

  2. Life in the 19th-century society. The novel can serve as a great source of information about the society of that period. Here are some themes to consider:
    • The way differences in social classes between the Bingly and the Bennet are revealed.
    • The attitude of the society to the feministic views of Elizabeth.
    • The influence of the society on individuals.

  3. Development of different characters. As a woman Jane Austen paid a lot of attention to details when creating her characters. You could consider the following topics for your essay:
    • Female portrayals in the novel.
    • Differences in the description between male and female characters in Pride and Prejudice.
    • The reason Charlotte and Elizabeth were developed as opposite characters.

  4. Literature devices used in the novel. The author used different literary styles purposefully. Here’s a list of topics to develop:
    • Social hypocrisy revealed through irony in the novel.
    • The reasons the novel is often characterized as “a comedy of manners”.
    • Symbols used by Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice.

  5. Readers’ response to the novel. Different people react to the ideas and characters in the book differently. Here is a set of topics to think of:
    • The character in the book you identify yourself with. Specify the reasons behind your choice.
    • Your attitude to the society’s favor of marriages of conveniences in the novel.

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