Finding Excellent Descriptive Narrative Essay Samples

Writing a strong paper requires certain background knowledge. That can be acquired by finding a solid model and learning from it. A well-written example will show you how to format properly, what styles to use, and how to structure your own text. The only thing you need to avoid is copying someone else’s paper word-for-word. Plagiarism is always frowned upon, and your paper will be turned down. Therefore, you’re free to use someone’s ideas, but not their exact wording. Here are some tips for you on how to find excellent essay samples:

  • Check your school writing lab.
  • Most schools will have specialized centers with a lot of materials on how to complete various kinds of writing assignments. Often, they will contain various proofread and edited pieces for students to look at. Make sure to have a pen and a notepad with you, as you may not be allowed to take any of those examples with you.

  • Ask your college teacher.
  • Your tutor’s job is to help you with your study, so don’t be afraid to talk to them when you need assistance. Most teachers assign the same set of writing tasks several years in a row. Chances are they will keep some of the best text pieces from previous students.

  • Visit your college website.
  • A lot of schools will have a web page, representing their educational system, staff, and classes they hold. Sometimes teachers will put the best examples of various kinds of completed assignments out there for other students to look at. Your task is to find the one that you like the most and study it carefully.

  • Check what your campus library has.
  • Your school library is very likely to possess some of the best examples from previous graduates, as well as writing guides and other learning materials. Asking a librarian about them directly will save you a lot of time and effort too, so don’t be shy. Make sure to specify what kind of document you need to make the search easier.

  • Find a reliable writing agency online.
  • A good custom writing service can provide you with a model essay to promote them. The good thing about using such kind of examples is that they are usually written by experienced authors that are professionals in their fields. If you have spare money, you can even ask for a custom made example. That way you will not need to worry about rephrasing any thoughts contained in the text.

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