A List Of Winning Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School

A compare and contrast essay essentially requires a student to look at two different topics, so as to identify what similarities and differences exist between the two. Ultimately, you will be looking at various different aspects relating to these two topics, so as to see how alike the topics are.

When writing this kind of essay whilst at middle school, you will generally include an introduction, which will inform the reader of the topics you are discussing. This will be followed by the body section, which will include the various comparisons that you intend to make. Lastly, the final section is the conclusion, which will refer to any points made in your body section, so as to see just how alike or different the two topics are.

Can you choose any topics to write about?

Essentially, the topics that you choose for your compare and contrast essay will largely depend upon any requirements that you have been set. For example, if you’re studying a specific subject, such as history your chemistry, then it may be that you have been instructed to pick two topics related to that subject. On the other hand, if you are studying a subject such as English, where the aim of the essay might be to test your writing skills, as opposed to your knowledge about a certain subject, then you may be given more of a free rein as to which topics to choose.

It is worth bearing in mind that you can choose topics that are relatively similar, as well as those that are largely very different. Furthermore, you may pick two different topics that will be funny to write about, whilst others may require a more serious tone as part of your discussions.

In fact, there are many different topics that you can write about, with just a few ideas outlined in the list below.

  • Compare and contrast gold and mercury

  • Compare and contrast the planet Earth and Mars

  • Compare and contrast urban populations and rural populations

  • Compare and contrast North Korea and South Korea

  • Compare and contrast art and music

  • Compare and contrast ballet and opera

  • Compare and contrast deciduous trees and evergreen trees

  • Compare and contrast left-handed people and right-handed people

  • Compare and contrast the President of the United States and the Queen of England

  • Compare and contrast the United States military with Al Qaeda terrorist groups

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