How To Pick The Best Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

Have you got a high school argumentative essay to write? Well, lucky you! What? Didn’t you know that high school argumentative essays can be a lot of fun? If you’re bored of writing essays with neutral viewpoints, this could be your salvation! This is a paper you can sink your teeth into- so when it comes to the first step of picking topics, bear that in mind! Here’s what you need to know on how to pick the best high school argumentative essay topics:

What’s it all about?

With an argumentative essay, you get to have a point of view. The purpose of this type of paper is to make a persuasive argument over a particular subject/issue, using plenty of references and sources to back up your claims. It must be balanced and look at both sides of the debate, but it is your job to convince your reader to take your side in the matter.

So when choosing topics, remind yourself of the criteria and ask yourself if the subjects you’re contemplating can fit the bill suitably.

Be passionate!

If you choose a subject that you are passionate about, it will certainly help. You should pick something that you care about and have a strong opinion about. The passion for the subject will most certainly show in your writing, which will help engage the reader more.

Make a list.

As long as you can combine passion and references to back up your points, you’ll be on the right track. If you have various topics that you’re contemplating, make a chart or list of them and go through each one, making notes along the way. Think about each one carefully and you’ll soon arrive at the best one to use.


So what sort of subjects should you choose then? Some topics that often get chosen are hot topics of the modern world, such as:

  • The death penalty should be abolished.

  • Why cell phones are dangerous.

  • Euthanasia should be legal.

  • The taxation system should be fairer.

  • Why we should write off global debt.

Those are just a few. It’s a good idea to see what other subjects you could choose, so have a look online- you will find plenty of ideas on various websites. Have a look around- you might find a subject that you hadn’t even contemplated but which is perfect.

Be original.

As much as it’s a great idea to look through lists of topics, the more original you can be with your subject, the better. That doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily best to pick an obscure subject, but more that you should approach things from a unique perspective!

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