Inventing Good Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

What could be considered as a persuasive essay topic? It is a written work that demands immediate attention and brings a hint of quality work and analysis. The most important thing in such writing is authenticity – every high school student needs to give their best to construct a valuable and unique piece. In order to write an unforgettable essay, a student must be able to feel the subject and to experience it on a personal level. Nothing works for a teenager if it does not point out the aspects of his everyday life and the current struggles.

With this in mind, we have arranged a list of advice and writing suggestions designed for high school students.


  • If you are determined to impress your teacher using your writing skills, make sure that you choose something that suits your mood and research possibilities. Keep in mind that only overachievers can construct a flawless essay dedicated to astrophysics. Choose wisely and be realistic about the range of your abilities.

  • On the other hand, you could find yourself in a situation that requires a certain type of an assignment that does not quite fit into your abilities. In such a case you are bound to be extra careful and focused towards the research of the facts that are required for successful completion of such a piece.

Suggestions for some interesting and persuasive topics:

  1. Influence of TV series and movies on our behavior
  2. This is a great topic that allows you to write about your favorite shows. Movies and series are often filled with scenes of brutality, violence and examples of some really bad behavior patterns. It is the right place and time to become a representative of a teenage point of view and you are entitled to speak up and explain your attitude toward all that has been stated.

  3. How to live in a multicultural environment?
  4. There is so much potential in this topic! The world has become a place that encourages the removal of inequalities among people and inspires us to live together in harmony. Speak up and stand for your friends or relatives who had suffered from a certain aspect of discrimination.

  5. This is planet Earth
  6. We have got to preserve nature and our natural habitat. Write about the pollution that is killing certain forms of life on Earth every single day. Construct an idea that could be implemented for the preservation of valuable resources or endangered species.

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