Composing an Excellent 7-Paragraph Persuasive Essay

A 7-paragragh persuasive essay might appear easy but it requires preparation that is as intense as any other academic work. The fact that the paper is not lengthy means that any mistakes will be glaring and must be avoided at all costs. Every sentence must be meticulously written and every word carefully chosen. Here are the easiest steps to follow when writing a persuasive paper.

Identify Your Topic

Whether the topic is given or you have to choose your favorite, you will need to understand it well. The topic provides limits of the area you will cover and puts a boundary on the areas that will not be covered. Spend time evaluating what the topic means and what it will entail. The topic chosen must also be persuasive. It should arouse curiosity such that a reader will want to go through the entire paper. Choose a topic in an area that is of interest to the public. This will make your work interesting as well.

Create an Outline

Even the shortest essays require an outline. This outline tells you of the ideas and arguments that will fall on every paragraph. It identifies the different points that will go into the introduction, body and conclusion. An outline gives you a rough idea of the order in which ideas will flow from one paragraph to the other. When drawing an outline, list the ideas as they pop up from your head. You will later reorganize them based on what appears stronger than the other. The outline gives you a clear picture of the points you will discuss to avoid missing the crucial ones.

Begin Writing the Essay

With an outline in place, it is time to commence the writing process. Identify the strongest thesis statement for your work. Write an introduction that captures the attention of your reader and arouses curiosity to entice the reader to go through the paper to the end. Make strong arguments in the body of your paper to make it as convincing as possible. Choose meaningful words to be used in the conclusion to wrap up your arguments and leave your reader fully persuaded.

Edit and Proofread the Work

The purpose of editing and proofreading is to remove any typographical or grammatical errors that are likely to lower the quality of your work. The strength of your persuasive paper will be diluted by glaring mistakes. You may enlist the assistance of a colleague or friend to check these mistakes before submitting the final copy.

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